Introduction & test…

Hello everyone at the ONL 162!

This is my second blog actually, I am curious to see if this one will live longer than the other one I had! But from what I have understood, longevity is not an important quality for a blog. Semi-reflected scribbling, is that a word? Well anyway, we’ll see where all this leads us…

I am Susanna Lundberg, 42 yrs, doctor of sociology since a few months – wohoo feels big to write that! It took me far too long to finish my PhD, so now I’m only getting started in the “real” university business. The PhD in sociology is on collective identity and social change in a small town in Sweden, viewed against a theoretical backdrop of class theory, ethnicity, critical whiteness and gender theory. In Swedish but the English title is “Let’s sell off these backlands to whoever wants them” (that’s the abstract, if you want to read more you’ll need to open “Avhandling” on the right and then you’ll find the English summary towards the end). Feel free to browse if the amazing title made you curious! 😀

I am teaching at the department of Social work at Malmö högskola, mainly doing the online course but also tutoring Bachelor’s theses. On top of that I am doing my university pedagogy course in students’ writing, and last but not least the ONL-course. So a lot of my time this semester I will be a student, or developing as a teacher. Very interesting!

I haven’t started developing any research yet, but we are about to start the formation of a group around the topics work life and the welfare state. We are looking for coops and contacts in that field, so if any of you know anybody doing interesting stuff in that field I’d be more than glad for any tips.

Looking forward to hearing from the rest of you, and to see what the course will bring!




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